What specifically needs to be repaired or serviced?

Depending on the reason you are bringing your car in,

(“There’s this strange noise!” “What’s that shaking?” or “Why doesn’t my AC blow cold?”)

the repairs depend on the inspection. Whatever your car requires in labor and parts will be derived from a thorough diagnosis. Along with the diagnosis, we generally perform a 30 Point Courtesy Inspection, and note anything else that may need attention. H&T Motors takes time with you to explain the necessary repairs and make sure you are comfortable with the recommendations.

Certified Technicians.

At H&T Motors we appreciate the need for qualified professional technicians. Our service department carries with it ASE certified technicians, both young and old, including seen-it-all, salt-of -the-earth experts. We have the utmost confidence that whether your car is 50 years old or 50 days old, we have the experience to treat it with expert care.