Volkswagen Repair in Portland, OR - Heckmann & Thiemann MotorsVolkswagen Golf GTI Cabrio by David Villarreal Ferna, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Volkswagen Repair in Portland, OR

Deliveries of Volkswagen Beetles to the United States began in 1949. Volkswagen of America was established in Englewood, New Jersey in 1955. Heckmann & Thiemann Motors was born in Portland, Oregon in 1968.

Throughout the 1960’s the Volkswagen Beetle became an icon of efficiency, counterculture, and adventure. In 1972, it overtook the Ford Model T as the world’s bestselling car. It was compact, efficient, surefooted in all-weather conditions, off-road capable, and inexpensive to repair and maintain. By 1992, over 21 million Beetles had been produced; and Volkswagen Buses and Vanagons had cemented their place in history as frugal adventure vehicles of choice. These attributes help sustain the brand’s strong resale value and vibrant ecosystem of aftermarket accessories.

Heckmann & Thiemann Motors has been servicing Volkswagen automobiles for more than 55 years. Whether you prefer a Beetle, Bus, Golf, Jetta, Vanagon, Atlas, Tiguan, or Touareg we love your car as much as you do. Three generations of Portlanders have come to trust us with their automobiles, families, and memories.

We have the tools, skills, and experience to keep your air cooled, water cooled, and turbocharged Volkswagens shining bright and performing flawlessly.